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What is social media marketing services

With our Social Media package, we focus on building a community among your target audience and reach to other people as much as possible. Right strategy and the proper approach will help to growing your business potential continuously. Believe it or not, everyone can do marketing on social media by themselves but how can you know that it’s best way that social media can do? Let’s us be the one you are looking for to guide you to the next step.

Why social media
is important to business

Nowadays most of people spend time more than 2 hours per day on social media via different platform, by focusing on Facebook and Instagram. We believe that social media is important tool to build relationship with customer with the most efficient cost. Not only build relationship with current customer, expanding to the larger group of audience is a featured that social media perform very well. Last but not least, best function of social media is to listen and communicate with your audience. By this two-way communication, you can learn and understand your customer in best potential that social media can do with our social media package.

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Why you need Marketing Strategy Services


As we are in Thailand, people mostly focus on Facebook and Instagram. To be success on Social Media Campaign we cannot use the same strategy for every platform that we have. Each platform has their own nature, adapt the strategy by rely on core concept of the campaign. Not only that YouTube also be the best platform for video content for brand. Contact us now to find possibility to expand your business.

How our social media package can help?

As Knock Consulting is an expert in Social Media Marketing, we can help you every objective that clients request. Brand awareness, brand sentiment, conversation, trend or even sales are our specialty in digital marketing focus on social media. For our social media strategy, we always develop a long-term plan for our clients to engage audience and create a story for brand and make a loyalty follower for your brand.

Why you need Marketing Strategy Services

Content creation

As a social media agency and digital agency who has experience with many industries in the market, we know what the audiences want to read and watch. Create contents that will be attractive to the clients is our main priority of the social media also create conversation and relationship with fans. We bring and brainstorm the creativities and imagination to create content for clients. Each client will have unique way to engage their customer depend on the situation of each brand. Nowadays website is not enough to reach the audience – social media is a must for brand.

Engage is key
of Social Media

From our experience as a social media agency, many brands do social media in a wrong approach. Social media is not a channel to promote all promotion, continuous to post promotion everyday can kill your brand easily. One of the best method of content that can earn the best engage is “user generate content” You audience is the best influencer that can spread your brand to other. We are specializing of doing that, run a campaign with user and audience can gain lots of awareness and trust from other.

Engage is key of Social Media
Who is fit with Social Media

Who is fit
with Social Media

Knock consulting always concern in ROI of our clients’ is a key of our package. We work with all size of brand small, medium until enterprise. We can adapt our package to be fit with clients’ monthly budget and goal. Now all you need is to contact us for free advices of social media marketing.

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