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Introduction /Overview

Afford of creating a great content will be wasted if no one see it. Use the right one to set your campaign ads is the best way to expand your message to the right people. As Rule of 7 – customer need to see your ads of your brand content for 7 time before make a decision.

Paid Media,
PPC and Social Ads

Strategy by KNOCK

All of the Ads Campaign has rules that cannot be broken.

  • Right Content
  • Right Audience
  • Right Time
  • Right Platform

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PPC Services

How we do it?

Business goal and Objective

Tell us! About your business goal in both shot and long term and/or your objective that you want to achieve? Understanding your business goal and objective is a must. We must stay on the same page and understand our client situation before going to the next process. At the end we will drive your business to the next level.



Pay-per-click (PPC) management

Advertising via Google platform or you may know in a name of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) that managed by Google, one of the biggest company with a product known as Google AdWords. All of the PPC ads will use bidding method. Who spend the most, their Ads will be appear. Meanwhile, Adword has other criteria call “Quality Score” to select the ads that will be show.

Mixing these 2 things and your ads will appear with the lowest cost. AdWord is one of the best way to drive traffic to your website. For KNOCK Consulting will separate AdWords in to 4 parts

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Keyword Search

1. Keyword Search

Ads that will show to audience who is already looking for your product and services. Keyword Search Ads will work by audience search some particular keyword in search engine box. If you bidding that keyword your ads will show. There is also the limitation of the ads – text only and no visual. To do keyword search, Ads is not simple as select the right keyword and bid in a good amount. It’s time to use creativity, in two line we need to grab attention from the audience and make them click and visit the landing page that we prepare.

Google Displayed Network (GDN)

2. Google Displayed Network (GDN)

Google be a partner with more than 2 million websites around the world which can add more potential to reach all of online audience around the world. The display network allows you to create an ad in photo or video. By Targeting method for Google Display Network can use many dimensions to select who to shows your ads to. Keep remind yourself, the ads that has clear massage will have more conversion rate. Complicate ads will not have some good results in Google Display Network.


3. YouTube

If you thinking about video, YouTube must be a name that pop up in to your mind. Video ads on YouTube is always impressive by audience. To Create special and impact video ads then promote it via YouTube paid ads is another powerful tool for advertisers.

Remarketing Retargeting

4. Remarketing / Retargeting

Remarketing/Retargeting is the most powerful method to connect people with your brand. In theory to make customer decisions to purchase or send an inquiry to your website, customer need to see the ads for 7 times. With our remarketing services, we can track people who visit your website and surround them with your ads. One of the hardest process about Online digital campaign is to set up but once you set it up with professional services, it will be one of the best cost-effective method to target your customers which possible turn to sales or any goal you want.

Facebook / Instagram
Social Media Advertising

In 2017, there are around 46 million Facebook users in Thailand. Not only teenager, user rate who is above fifty years old is increasing significantly. It’s mean that Facebook is the platform that can reach your message to every group of audience depend on the target audience that you selected. Facebook advertising is one of most effective way to expand your brand to many audiences as much as possible. We can use Facebook ads for many objectives such as like ads, reach, impression, engagement and Lead generation.

Facebook / Instagram

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