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What is SEO Services

SEO or search engine optimization is a process to optimizing and develop your current website. There are many technics to optimize and develop website such as content, data structure, back link and many more method to make current website become the one that search engine selected and show in a search result in the particular keywords. SEO services is totally different from other paid services such as AdWords, Google Display Network or Facebook advertising that you can see the results immediately. SEO takes time to show the performance but once your site starts to be in a good position it’s hard to drop your position down.

Why you need
SEO Services

From 2017 research information, the website that shows on Google first page will get more than 52% of click rate. The average of first rank in Google search will get 70% click through rate. It’s show that appear on Google first page in each keyword is too important for you to ignore. Getting more clicks means more traffic and inquiry. Keep in mind that people who visit your website from search engine is a best lead compares with other channel because those are the one who is already looking for you and interesting in your product or services.

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Why you need SEO Services

How we do SEO services

There are many methods and tricks that have been using to develop and optimize the website to get a better rank on Search Engine result in target keywords. We will investigate, identify and develop every possible way to improve your search result ranking. At KNOCK we always follow step by step to make sure that we make it right and will not losing track.

SEO situation audit

1. SEO situation audit

Before go further, knowing current situation is a must before planning a strategy and action. All include your website structure, mobile friendly test, broken link and website security. Knows this information is very important. We will know the priority of the works and arrange the order of the work that we should do.

Keyword Research

2. Keyword Research

Understand keyword is important. So, we highly recommended to leave it to be our job. We have to understand your customer deep in detail in terms of keyword or key phrase that they will use to search for your business. Also the keyword that we should target in order to get the best result and lead quality customer to your website. If targeting keyword is on the wrong direction, all of effort that we are doing will not gain any result. Yes, they will bring a big traffic to your website but those traffic going to be wasted and cannot turn to be any sales.


3. Optimizing

We will optimize your website to meet Search Engine criteria, always remember that content is king. By editing your current content or create new content to target, the important keyword for your business is a must to concern. Content is going to be your website structure. To optimize keyword in every dimension is important as it can build a link and link less mention to your website. The most important thing is we use only white-hat technique and we never be tricky with google prohibit. So, your site will never be on google blacklist as we follow the rule.

Content is King

4. Content is King

“Content is king” is a phase that never die. Content is most powerful impact to SEO ranking. Lately on 2017, Google announce that website which create content for bot and spam keyword will be count on blacklist. So, create a content that give value to reader is the main concept for SEO in 2018. Have a good content and optimizing it to meet SEO criteria will be the most powerful tools that we spend time with.

User Experiences

5. User Experiences

“User Experiences” is one of the most important factor for Google. The bounce rate and how long that visitor spend on your site are things that need to focus on. The benefit content will make user spend longer time on your site compare with junk content. This step also refers back to “Content is King” that we mentioned earlier. We also have many more secret to optimize your website in order to give the best experience to user and spend more time before leave your website.


6. Report

We will conduct monthly report. Our report will include SEO summary, Page view, Top keyword and traffic source. You will see an improvement step by step after 2-3 months since we start the services.

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