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What Is Marketing Strategy Service?

Marketing Strategy Service is a service that provide you the specific report which full of information that makes you understand the big picture of your industry, your competitor in the market, your customer and current trend including predicting of upcoming trend in the nearly future. Beside this, we will summarize the channel that can reach your audience which tend to be your potential customer and turn this group to be your customer in the nearly future.

Why you need
Marketing Strategy Services

Know your customer is a key to develop marketing plan and campaign that can touch your customer deep inside in their heart. If you didn’t understand your customer, you cannot create campaign and content that attract your target audiences. Moreover, you can plan ahead and prepare yourself to always catch up with the trend. Sometime you think that you have an in-house team to conduct a research and analyze all of these prospects. Don’t forget that everyone has bias! This report will show more possibility way to grow your business on digital platform and show how to improve you much better than before.vv

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Why you need Marketing Strategy Services

Marketing Strategy Service detail

Before anything start, our team will meet you and get a project brief about your business goal, campaign objective, timeline, and anything we need to know. Marketing Strategy Service will come up in a form of full report that will give you an insight, useful information, and recommendation that make you achieve your business goal. By conducting a research, the important step is to understand current situation of the market.

Without a qualified information and updated data, the strategy cannot be developed in an appropriate way. Analyzing to break down the data deep in detail. Find the opportunity to growth your business or recovery crisis that you are facing. Strategy to develop the direction of campaign and media channel. What should we do and how should we do to make you become even more standout from the competition. For marketing Strategy Report,

We will separate into 5 parts as below

Situation Analysis

1. Situation Analysis

Situation Analysis will make you understand your business in digital world. For this part, you will learn others’ aspect toward your brand, overall digital performance and follower on your social media.

Moreover, we will point out mistake of your current performance and show how to improve it properly. Sometime it might be a small mistake but now news spread out so fast and widely.

Competitor Analysis

2. Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis will show who is your both direct and in-direct competitors. Not only business competitor, some social media page or account can be one of your competitors and steal your follower by created more attractive content.

We will track your competitor closely and identify their success and mistake. Competitor analysis part will identify your competitors’ strength and weakness which including analyze their content information and engagement performance.

Audience insight

3. Audience insight

Know your audience and understand them is the main concept which use to develop marketing campaign. Audience insight, who is your customer – demographic, interest and behavior, where are your audience and the channel to reach them and also potential customer. Knowing your target customer deep in detail can bring lots of benefit to your long-term marketing plan.

You know your target audience, know what they want to see, know what will make customer recognize your brand, and know how to make them love you.

Digital and Social Media Strategy

4. Digital and Social Media Strategy

or digital and social media strategy, will show the channel to reach your audience and possibly way to reach and engage with them. Investing in the right channel and focus on those few channel will reduce your marketing cost significantly and productivity.

Investing is right way to bring best result to your business objective is the main concept that we concern.

Execution Plan

5. Execution Plan

We will develop the specific execution campaign for each objective that you give us, core concept of the plan, and creative asset that needed to use in the plan. Marketing channel is also important in the plan.

We will estimate the budget that need to use in the campaign. Or we can develop the plan based on the budget that you give.

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