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Connect the brand with people

With our Execution Campaign managements services, our goal is to connect between brand and people through emotional and memorize campaign which base on audience insight. As long as you knew and understand your audience, the campaign and strategy will be successful. By Insight and our creativity, the solution of your business goal will be built.

Give the great experience
to the audience

Everything we do for your brand is what your target audience really want to see. Give a lesson, activities or value to the audience is our primary goal of each campaign that we create. As we believe that client business can run because of the target audience, so we focus on “Customer First”. We believe that this is our differentiate and selling point.

Our expertise

  • Brand Awareness
  • Customer Relationship
  • Reputation Management
  • Product Launch Planning
  • Crisis Management

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Execution Campaign Management

How we do it?

Business goal and Objective

Tell us! About your business goal in both shot and long term and/or your objective that you want to achieve? Understanding your business goal and objective is a must. We must stay on the same page and understand our client situation before going to the next process. At the end we will drive your business to the next level.


1. Audience

Before develop the concept, we need to know who is our target that we will focus as sometime it might be widely campaign and some might be niche. Conducting a research and dig deep to the audience then specify them. Understand all of target insight and analyze them to define demographic, interest, behavior, and the channel to reach to your audience and potential customer.

Develop concept base on insight

2. Develop concept base on insight

After we clearly understand the audience, it’s now to play with their insight. Bring that information to evaluate to be the big idea of the campaign. Point it out and play it big. If the campaign can touch audience heart, brand will be recognized by the audience.

Creativity and logical

3. Creativity and logical

hink big, do more creative, and get the best idea. To think outside the box is how our client standout from crowd. Communication plan needed to be fit with customers’ need and current market trend. Anyway, we never forget about logic. Is the idea practical with the audience? Getting a solid concept idea that will work with audience then create a concept that will give good experiences to the customer. With a perfect concept conversation, funny, emotional and value can go in the same time.

Form concept to execution

4. Form concept to execution

or digital and social media strategy, will show the channel to reach your audience and possibly way to reach and engage with them. Investing in the right channel and focus on those few channel will reduce your marketing cost significantly and productivity.

Investing is right way to bring best result to your business objective is the main concept that we concern.

Closely Managing

5. Closely Managing

The trend might happen in a hour and disappear very fast. We need to keep monitoring closely and keep the trend going on. Especially social media trend that can come fast and go faster. We always keep control and keep it to be in the trend as long as possible. As things always change in minute, adaptations are how to survive in the market. We will be adapting with the right things to get the best result.

Tracking system

6. Tracking system

We always tracking the result with many tools and metrics to get the best feedback from audience. Knowing the audience feedback is important, if the feedback is good we continue. But if not we will have time to adjust the plan and flip it in another way.

Measurable Results

7. Measurable Results

We always set KPI before the campaign start. So, we getting data and preparing report about the campaign result to our clients. Monthly or weekly is depends on the campaign detail. The only thing that we can tell you right now is our ending result can be measurable and touchable.

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